Mutual Fund is an investment programme funded by shareholders. It is a pool of money collected from multiple investors and is managed by fund manager who invests in securities such as equity or debt.

Now considering about mutual funds it is really important to know the mutual funds and types of mutual funds . Mutual Funds can be classified based on characteristics.

Mutual Funds Types:

  1. Based on Asset Class
    1. Equity Funds
    2. Debt funds
    3. Money Market Funds
    4. Hybrid Funds
  2. Based on Structure
    1. Open-ended Funds
    2. Closed ended Funds
    3. Interval Funds
  3. Based on Investment Goals
    1. Growth Funds
    2. Income Funds
    3. Liquid Funds
    4. Tax-Saving Funds
  4. Based on Risk
    1. Very Low-Risk Funds
    2. Low-Risk Funds
    3. Medium Risk Funds
    4. High-Risk Funds

Mutual Funds Calculator

Return on investment, measured over given time period, is simply the sum of its capital appreciation. When user look into investment, the most important thing is what kind of return is expected. 4investingoptions MF Return Calculator will help its user to know how much net worth would be, taking into consideration various variables like: SIP, along with investment duration & expected rate of return.

How to Calculate Mutual Fund Return?

To calculate annual return at the beginning of the holding period determine the initial price of investment & price of investment at the end of the year. Initial price is subtracted from end price to determine investment change.

Mutual Funds Benefits:

5 main benefits of Mutual funds are:

  • Simplicity
  • Professional management
  • Affordability
  • Liquidity
  • Diversification

Why do so many investors consider mutual funds a good investment?

Mutual Fund Example:

Mutual funds could include investment in stocks, bonds, options, futures, currencies, treasures and money market securities. Each will vary depending on the stated objective of the fund.

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