Our Proven Investment Startegy  

Put Data, NOT Emotions, behind your Money

$ A Focus on What Matters

NJ Research Team monitors economic trends and valuations to help you to make informed, intelligent decisions for your investment portfolios.

Focusing on solid economic fundamentals, We believe the value of money can be seen only if one remain invested for long time.

That, with an easy-to-use E Wealth and Client Desk flexible platform, you can finally have the investment experience you deserve.

$ More data, less guessing

Our Mutual fund Automated Rebalancing System - MARS determines the best asset allocation for your personal portfolios based on economic conditions, from time to time. When market changes to very high or very low your portfolio’s asset allocation  also changes to maximize your returns and keep your risk level constant.

How would you like your Investment to be ?

$ Investing should be…

Simple,Consistent and Rewarding. We always encourage our clients to stay invested to achieve their financial life Goals. Market may go up and down but the its never the Timing but Time IN the market that make all the difference.

$ Investing should be straightforward…..

Whether you want to retire in 30 years with 100 Crore, save for your children’s education, or simply build your wealth, we’ll help to build your personalized financial plan and investment portfolios that reflect your preferences and that perform best in the current economic conditions.

$ Investing should be personal

You have unique goals and preferences, so you shouldn’t have the same financial plan as your boss, auntie, and neighbours.

$ Investing should be intelligent

Advanced technology and data are the backbone of our investment strategy. With objective, efficient portfolio management, we put precision, protection, and peace of mind into every penny you invest.

It’s what you and your money deserve.

$ Rich Experience behind your money

Investing Options is part of India's Largest Network of Financial Products Distributionr NJ, known for its strong distribution capabilities.

Driven by the strong vision of 'Creating Wealth and Transforming Lives',  with over 25,00,000+ investors, and over INR 68,000+ crores of mutual fund assets under advice.

$ Investment Portfolios specifically designed to help you achieve that dream

Want to retire early? Want to start a business? Want to do both? You can have as many portfolios as you want.

And we’ll help you to build a realistic investment plan that gets you there.

 $ And More…..

Flexible deposit and withdrawal options wit24/7 access to your investments

Sign up, check your portfolios, and make changes all on your phone or computer.

Because it’s your money, and it deserves special attention.

And Last but not the least......

It’s time you don’t lose sleep when the markets are down

Every investor while investing wishes to maximise his returns while minimising his risk. Asset Allocation and Superior scheme selection are time tested proven ways for doing the same. But time and again it has been proven that for an investor to manage his asset allocation and select superior schemes is extremely tough and di­fficult to execute due to operational and behavioural reasons

MARS (Mutual Fund Automated Portfolio Rebalancing System) tries to overcome these issues for investors whereby they can manage their asset allocation and invest in better performing schemes by the click of a mouse and maximise their returns. As the process is system driven and operationally smooth, it also helps weed out behavioural biases. MARS gives a wide array of portfolios to choose from to the investor based on his risk appetite and periodically triggers portfolio rebalancing based on deviations from the asset allocation of the model portfolio resulting in superior returns to the investor over a period of time.

Start Investing To Take Control Of Your Financial Future.

Finally, The Right Place To Invest Your Hard Earned Money

So just….

Invest And......Go Ahead And Live Your Life

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