Promoter & Founder : 
  Mr. RAJUL DHOLAKIA : (Marketing, Business Growth and New Initiative)

After having worked with one of the Leading Flagship Insurance company for more than 12 years at various positions in the field of Training, Sales and Senior Management, Rajul decided to venture in the financial consultancy field.

Inspired, mentored, monitored and guided by industry veterans and experts, he set up professionally managed emerging organisation built on the pillars of Trust, Transparency, Ethics and Competence.

His vision for Investing Option is to become most preferred business partner for providing need based financial solution to valued customers by ++ adding value to every life.

 Mentors and Value Based Directions : 
Mr. HARSHAD ASHAR : Consultant Director (Technical  & Commercial Matters)

Harshad is having a huge experience of more than 25 years in the financial consultancy. He owns and manages "Investment Options" A leading Broking house in Saurasta Region,having diversified and satisfied clients all over India.

His value based ethical selling expertise helps to build long term association with clients all over India. He is source of inspiration and guidence for Management and Decision Making process.He plays a Leadership role in various Mangement Associations and social organisations.His area of interets are interacting with associates,learning innovative skills to sharpen the business acumen and help start ups whenever time permits him to do so. He is responsible for sharp and timely decison on products and companies keeping in mind long term perspective.

Mr. GAUTAM HATHIWALA : Consultant Director ( Planning & Strategic Thinking )

Gautam is founder and owner of "Gautam Hathiwala Financial Services" His vision, strategical thinking and prudent business planning has helped him to build self made empire and leave his mark in the finacial industry.

His personal and professional life is influenced by Robert Kiyosaki and Paramhans Yoganand. He also continuously keeps himself updated with industry standard and new opprtunities in business & life. His business goals are focused and aligned in growing his personal and professional skills.

His area of interets are spirituality,reading and interacting with like minded colleagues and build passive income. He is responsible for directing and analysis of startegy to ensure steady and sustainable growth.

Mr. RAJAL MEHTA : Consultant Director (Training & HR )

Rajal is a second generation enterprenuer and having his interests in  manufacturing, marketing, Exports Manpower Management, Finance and Training.

He has contributed immensely in building, coaching and managing human talents at various levels as a National Trainer in Indian Jaycees.

He is having more than 35 years of experience working as Director looking after Indian as well as overseas operation in multiple companies in the areas of Finance,marketing and PR. His area of interets are reading,coaching and problem solving skills.

Presently he is a Director of his flagship manufacturing unit "Kishor Dio Form Pvt.Ltd." and also contributes to Mehta group's overseas business. 



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